Big Idea

Deliver a new set of user-tested features within the Total Wine & More app in both Apple and Android.

With so many retailers beginning to focus on delivery options, Total Wine & More has a unique challenge as they sell alcohol, which has many differing regulations across, state and county lines. The big idea was to user test features, working in sprints ahead of developemnt.

  • Same day delivery of purchases (pilot program)
  • Introduction of a Shopping List
  • Introduce World-Class Rewards Program
The Product

A snapshot of each of the final app features.

Key Learnings

The features provided valuable for customer retention (Rewards), engagement (Shopping List) and convenience (delivery) and overall increases revenue by 2-10% in this time for in app purchases. Key learnings include:

  • One click buy from shopping list.
  • Multiple addresses for delivery in app feature.
  • Dashboard or history view of reward points.